I'm Kate and this is where I share and celebrate life's little pleasures. I am a career-loving mama, who loves to travel and is often in the kitchen. I'm married to my best friend Sam, and we are raising our little one, George, in London.

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The Weekly Five

The Weekly Five

The past couple of weeks have felt full-on, with travel, Sam heading back to work and our new lives finding routine. Here are a few things that have made me pause, take a deep breath and cherish what we have to be thankful for.

1) A priceless weekend away

Sam and I were lucky enough to steal two nights away to ourselves while my Mum was in town. We were delighted to come across No. 38 The Park in Cheltenham, where we slept until mid-morning and enjoyed long lunches which rolled into dinner. While we missed little George, it was so special just to spend time together and slow down (and sleep-in).

2) Waste not, want not

Sam and I are trying to be more eco-conscious - things like eating less meat and buying second hand (we’ve started doing this for some of George’s clothing). My friend Tara however is a total inspiration when it comes to striving towards zero waste. Check out her Instagram @zerowastewonders for ideas to make your lifestyle greener.

3) A sunshine state of mind

A well-thumbed copy of this month’s Condé Nast Traveller has followed me to every corner of our little house, with its lists upon lists of the world’s best travel spots, as voted by readers. We’ve been spoilt with our time off this year, and while 2018 will be a lot quieter we are conjuring up ideas of an adventure in the Greek Islands (coincidentally number three on the list!) For those who have been...we'd love your recommendations!

4) 10 Regrets Too Many

I’m not a huge fan of those lists with click-bait headlines like ‘The 10 steps to the happiest you’. Once and awhile though, I come across a good one that helps me check myself and re-centre. Ten Regrets Too Many People Will Have in Ten Years makes for a good reminder of what is really important.

5) A little George update

We are so lucky at how well George seems to have settled into nursery. It’s amazing to see how much he grows and develops every day, coming home with new tricks he’s learnt and trying to say so many words. As the youngest bubby there, the other children call him ‘Baby George’ and all love to say his name and hand him toys. It fills my heart (and my eyes!) to see him so happy.

Have a wonderful weekend, 

With Love,



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