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Dressing Bump as BB-8

Dressing Bump as BB-8

Sam is one of the biggest Star Wars fans I know, and with The Force Awakens being as epic as it was, I too have been seduced to the dark side. Our tickets for London’s Star Wars Celebration during the past summer were booked long before any holiday plans for the year (a-hem, priorities Sam?), so I decided to try and make the most of our six-month bump.

Fans don’t do these conventions by halves. People were dressed as if they were about to walk onto set, with costumes that would have taken weeks to make and body paint that would have required pre-dawn starts to the day. My ensemble is a little less demanding, and took probably a total of two hours with some overnight paper maché and a couple hours of drying action. For anyone wanting to make use of their baby bump this Halloween, this BB-8 droid design works pretty well and will definitely win originality and cute-factor points...


  • Oversized, cheap white vest
  • Plastic half-dome sphere. I bought this from a local arts shop.
  • Newspaper
  • Flour & water
  • String
  • Ruler
  • Black fabric pen
  • White craft paint (I used acrylic)
  • Fabric paints in bright orange, black and silver
  • Paintbrushes (I had one about 2cm in width, and a finer tipped one)
  • Masking tape
  • Safety pins


1. Mix together a handful of flour with a splash of water to make a glue for the paper maché. Tear newspaper into strips and dip into the glue. Top tip: Run your fingers gently down the newspaper strip after they have been dipped into the glue to get rid of any excess - this will help them to dry faster.

2. Cover the plastic half-dome in a layer of paper maché strips and leave in a warm, dry area (I left mine in the sun). Revisit after a couple of hours to add another layer. Leave overnight.

3. Paint the paper-mached half-dome white with a thin layer of paint. I found this dried nicely as I began work on the vest (and there's nothing a hairdryer can't fix).

4. Wearing your vest, cut a piece of string to measure the full diameter of your droid design. Then, in-front of a full-length mirror, find the centre of your bump. Bisect the string, and mark out with the fabric pen what should be the centre of your droid design.

5. Remove vest, and keeping the bisected string length, use it as a compass to mark out dots of a circle with the fabric pen. I also used a ruler here to measure my distance from centre as I went along.

6. Join up the dots with the fabric pen.

7. Using a similar process of a string as a compass, I then ‘free-styled’ some orange lines to bring BB-8 to life. The starting ‘centre dot’ will need to fall outside of the droid design.

8. Paint the lines with the wider brush and bright orange fabric paint.

9. The rest of the painting - including black nuts and bolts detailing and the silver components were eye-balled and taking inspiration from several graphic artist interpretations of BB-8 I found on the internet. I also re-traced around the edge of the droid with black fabric paint and the fine-tipped brush.

10. Leave your vest to dry, and then paint the white half-dome to make BB-8’s ‘head’. You can see the design I used below.

11. Using masking tape, I fashioned two tags that sat inside the half-dome and then safety pinned these to my vest so that BB-8's head stayed on. This did take a couple of attempts, and I would advise carrying masking tape with you if you head out and about. Any tips most welcome here!

12. Pose with your belly pushed forward for maximum results. A large helping of crêpes for breakfast can definitely help.

And a few action shots below!

With Love, Kate

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