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Savouring Stockholm

Savouring Stockholm

I am never without my trusty, well-loved, battered pink Kikki K notebook. It lives permanently in the side of my handbag, perfectly curved to fit after months of being toted around. It is filled with lists upon lists. Scribbles, doodles, ideas. Recipes. And more lists.  

My list of things to see, do and eat in Stockholm filled up exceptionally fast.  

Any type of food can generally coax me out of bed. And by generally, I mean always. From the grand tea-room of Vete Katten with its glorious cakes, to steaming meatballs drizzled in secret sauce, Stockholm is a foodie’s delight. It would be rude not to share some of my favourites.

Some of Stockholm's finest
Vete Katten You know you’re hooked when you visit a place three times in two days. I found myself seated in the corner early one Saturday morning, my lips covered in sugar, falling in love with each detail of this turn-of-the-century establishment. And, of course, falling in love with just about every cake [it’s impossible to choose a favourite]. Come for breakfast or afternoon tea. Or both. Definitely come for both.

Tucked away behind the city’s opera house (the name translates to ‘back-pocket’), this bistro is the little sister of its 2-michelin star neighbour. With bar seating, dark stained wood and vintage green bankers lamps, it has an unstuffy gentlemen’s club feel. I had their their dill-sauce drizzled steamed cod with prawns on toast and was best pleased. It serves the pre-opera rush until 6pm, and then has another peak at around 8:30pm.

Drop Coffee Roasters
Easily some of the best coffee in town. Also great for people watching and hipster-meets-Scandi-chic style inspiration.

Meatballs for the People
We arrived at 3pm with aching feet and empty bellies, and were seated upon cosy throws at rustic candlelit tables. They only serve one dish until dinner service, which included a red-wine gravy, lingonberries and creamy mashed potatoes with pickled carrots. Läcker.

Dinner Out

Urban Deli
With the added bonus of multiple locations, this unpretentious, relaxed yet modern cafe also has a grocers onsite. Perfect for an intimate meal, take-away lunch or your morning coffee.

Lux Dag för Dag
Housed in an old factory, this self proclaimed ‘hip’ restaurant is nestled on the island of Lilla Essingen. The food was well worth the trip. Credible sources tell me the reindeer steak is divine, and do not leave without having at least one helping of the cinnamon apple cake.

For a lively dinner with serene riverside views, head to Orangiert. The decor just about trumps the food, and the bar/nightclub room was thriving even at 8pm. A good option for vegetarians too - Sweden is not the most vegetarian friendly country.

Souper Trouper Swedish heroes

Princess Cake
The Swedish layer cake, filled with light sponge and cream covered with a layer of green marzipan and topped with a signature pink flower.

Kanelbulle - Cinnamon buns
Perhaps the most famous Swedish food export, and most delicious. For something a bit different, try the cardamom version, Kardamomma Bulle.

Östermalms Saluhall
The city’s dear food hall, a stalwart of the gourmet food scene situated on the fringes of the best shopping in the city. All things Swedish on offer. Check out the size of those crab's legs!

Enjoy! Let me know if I have missed your favourite, I'll make sure to visit it next time.

With Love, Kate

(P.S I've diarised our Stockholm adventures over here too)

Swedish Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs

Al Fresco Platter

Al Fresco Platter