I'm Kate and this is where I share and celebrate life's little pleasures. I am a career-loving mama, who loves to travel and is often in the kitchen. I'm married to my best friend Sam, and we are raising our little one, George, in London.

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Introducing: The Weekly Five

Introducing: The Weekly Five


Welcome to a new little series, The Weekly Five: five ideas in five minutes.

I’ve always been one for jotting down or capturing things that inspire me, make me think, or make me smile. I thought I’d share a snapshot of these in a weekly wrap-up that’s quick to read and hopefully sparks interest. The list below has long been a mantra for Sam & I, and serves as the starting point for this collection of ideas. See it as a side-order with your Friday morning brew as you will your mind into gear.

1) Pilates can make you feel whole again

Ramping back up into exercise since having George has been a little spotty. Early attempts to run felt almost damaging as my core body strength was fairly non-existent. Enter: pilates. I’m into my second week of it now and starting to feel so good already. Having tried a few things, I’d highly recommend it to any new mama trying to relocate her abs.

2) How I Built This

My 50 minute commute involves a 40 minute walk every morning. I love this time of the day - I find my mind so fresh, clear and full of ideas. I’ve been listening to How I Built This most mornings and find myself rushing to take notes of little anecdotes when I get to the office. What are your favourite podcasts? Let me know in the comments below.

3) Rent the Runway's story

On that note - I probably took the most notes from the Rent the Runway story. Started by two women, they came across a friend of a friend who was a business writer for New York Times. Knowing that they were rather rare as women in tech, they convinced her to write their story and directed an ultra-feminine photoshoot to capitalise on this. This image not only made it to the front page of the business section, but also front page of the paper itself. Rent the Runway received 100,000 registrations on the day of the story publishing (you can see the article here), and Rent the Runway did their year’s projections in three weeks. Smart thinking, hey?

4) This dress from the Whistles sale

The best £29 investment into my work wardrobe, ever - I find it super flattering around the waist and it is machine washable (yay!) Plus they still have it in a 10 & 12 at the time of posting...

5) They do, actually, grow up so fast

In those early months with George, many parents warned me how surprised I’d be that they ‘grow up so fast’. Honestly, in between my lack of sleep and changing a nappy for the upteenth time, time seemed to crawl by. Now that I am back at work and not spending every hour with George, I feel like he seems to grow up a little during the ten hours I’ve been away. It’s nuts. And makes me a bit emotional. Time needs to slow down, please.

Have a wonderful weekend.

With Love,


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