I'm Kate and this is where I share and celebrate life's little pleasures. I am a career-loving mama, who loves to travel and is often in the kitchen. I'm married to my best friend Sam, and we are raising our little one, George, in London.

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The Weekly Five

The Weekly Five

Hello! Welcome to The Weekly Five (and in case you missed it, here's last week's...)

1) “What the Health”, Netflix Documentary

While this documentary has its flaws, it definitely opened our eyes to the potentially harmful effects of eating too much meat (the World Health Organisation ranks processed meat as a Group 1 - carcinogenic to humans, the same grouping as tobacco). While we recognise there is a lot of debate around the benefits of meat, we have changed our diet in a big way to eat more vegetarian and fish based meals. Thanks to everyone who shared their favourite food accounts with me here - we are excited to be trying out so many new recipes, keep them coming!

2) Dark chocolate Tim Tams.

Srsly. My new first-place on the biscuit podium. [Londoners: we get ours at Brew Cafe]. 

3) Studio McGee

Probably our favourite source for interior inspiration. Their approach is a perfect mix of cosy, homely and stylish - yet minimalist enough that it works in small London spaces. 

4) Boisdale, a new favourite restaurant in London

Quite possibly one of the most authentically London nights out. A traditional Scottish restaurant with an open-air cigar terrace, late-night live jazz and some of the best food we’ve had all year. A well good night had by all.

5) 26 Questions to Ask on Your First Date

I love this list of questions to ask on a first date. Not that I’ll need them for first date purposes, but they’re great conversation starters all round.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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