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Dressing Baby

Dressing Baby

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It’s official. Clothes shopping for George beats clothes shopping for me. There’s just so much cuteness and the smaller sizes means we can tuck pint sized onesies and bodysuits into all the corners of our little London house. George gets all the compliments these days and I wanted to share some of our favourite places to shop for him.

1) Our favourite all-in-one

The Bonds Wondersuit is easily our favourite onesie to dress George in. It zips all the way up and down, so no fiddly poppers. With covered feet and mitts on the smaller sizes, it was a great all-in-one for when we traveled. In a sea of all things pastel and grey, the loud colours and out-there patterns always draw lots of compliments when we’re out and about.

2) Soft & sophisticated

Wilson & Frenchy is one of the most beautiful baby brands we’ve come across. I have never felt anything softer, and the prints strike a gorgeous balance between sophisticated and cute. The knitted hooded jerseys on George just melt me!

3) Where to go for all the basics...

John Lewis is great for the basics. George lived in their vests when he was born, and we’ve had their sleepsuits in every size since. They’re pretty good value too as they come in packs, and in such fun prints!

4) Smart budget buys

Having George rekindled a bit of an affection for H&M. Their maternity vests are great for nursing, and I found the design of their baby clothes so useful in the early days. The cross-body vests were great when George was little, as they didn’t need to be pulled over his head to take off. They also do leggings with little feet, meaning we didn’t have to worry about socks or shoes when he was so diddy.

5) The store where you’ll want it all

A word of caution: you are likely to spend all of your money in a Nature Baby store. We fell in love with it all. Their clothes are all organic, longwearing and have lovely classic patterns. George was gifted a pair of their lambskin slippers which never fall off and keep his feet so cosy. They are towards the more expensive end, but we have been so happy with all the pieces we have from them. A great one for gifts too.

As George gets older I’d love to know what kids brands are your favourites!

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